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A new generation of international contracts has arrived!
SMEs and Micro-SMEs already have now an effective tool to operate with legal security in the international market with no dependende on foreign rules or jurisdictions. Acceptable allows you to effectively carry out commercial operations anywhere in the world and in a reliable environment thanks to our technology, based on blockchain and smart legal contracts.

Our technology also provides for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and self-managed digital identity. Acceptable allows you to choose the contract that best suits the commercial agreement you want to establish with your potential clients or international suppliers. With Acceptable, a new generation of international contracts for any small and medium-sized company is already a complete technological reality.

100% Secure

Blockchain technology provide trustness and smart legal contracts provide automatic execution of the agreed terms in order to be sure that the deal is finally comply.

Payment Options

We operate with Euro, Dollar and any fiat money. Criptocurrencies are also allowed if parties agree to.


We incorporate standard commercial clauses internationally accepted by most States and our own conflict resolution process that allows any conflict to be resolved quickly and economically.

How we do it

Acceptable is firmly committed to "conflict prevention" through the automatic execution of the agreed terms.
You just have to follow these four simple steps:



Register on our platform and create your user profile.


Select Contract

Access our system of contracts and model clauses, and select the option "prepare contract", indicating whether you are a buying party or a selling party. If you need a specific contract you can ask our specialists for it.



Enter a series of variable clauses that will contain a series of spaces to customize to your liking (Delivery quantities, sale prices ...).



Once this procedure has been carried out and you have reviewed the entire contract, the other contracting party will be asked to accept it through our secure internal messaging systems.

For more information about our process for generating Smart legal contracts, you can access our "Terms and conditions of service" or see our Frequently Asked Questions section. Technical issues on

We promote the international contracting of products and services for SMEs and MicroSMEs. You will be able to carry out commercial transactions by digital means in an easy and secure way (aimed at avoiding the legal conflicts typical of international commercial contracting).

Our team

Acceptable is a multidisciplinary team oriented to both, legal and technological innovation.

Roberto L. Ferrer

Roberto L. Ferrer

CEO & Founder
Doctor of Law
ICT Law Lawyer
Master in Legal Informatics
Associate Professor University of Saragosse (Spain)
Eva Castejón Zueco

Eva Castejón Zueco

Contracting / Legal
Lawyer. Specialized in commercial contracting
Luis A. Izuel Conejo

Luis A. Izuel Conejo

Security of the information
Lawyer specialized in data protection and information security
Patricia Rojo López

Patricia Rojo López

Lawyer specialized in Regulatory Compliance / Legal Compliance
Miguel Torralba Olloqui

Miguel Torralba

Project management
Degree in Law.
Master in Telecommunications and IT Law. Master of Business
Administration, Kent Univ, UK.
Financial Advisory Certification by the European Financial Advisor
Patricia Rojo López

Alfonso Lahue‌‌rta

Technology Advisor
Advisor to public and private companies on the development and implementation of digital strategies.
Our Technology Partners

Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón.

Technology center.

ORIX Systems

Technological provider. Web hosting and platform development.

Alastria Association.

Blockchain stakeholder.


Stakeholder included in the Horizon 2020 program of the European Unión.

Our Legal Partners


Millennium Association of Private International Law. Coordinated by Ms. Pilar Diago Diago, Chairwoman of Private International Law.


Legal consulting in technology.


Consulting in technology.


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